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Job Posting – Software Application Developer

December 4th, 2012 by Andres  |  No Comments


Are you an asynchronous non-blocking operator?

Just kidding (of course you are).

Would you be excited about working with a tight-knit team of experienced developers and product managers to create a world class web-infrastructure application? Let’s talk.

The Working Group began PostageApp about three years ago to solve our own problem of high volume application-driven transactional email delivery, management and reporting. Since the launch of our API-based commercial plans we’ve seen massive growth in both paying customers and sending volume. We’ve also seen many other competitors join the transactional email race, including offerings from Amazon and Mailchimp. To maintain our edge we’ve built our own queuing, delivery and reputation system, and are ramping up our development to keep pace with growth and to launch PostageApp v3 in 2013. This is where you come in – we’re looking to hire a great developer who love tinkering with the guts of the internet.

Please score yourself:

Score +1 for each of the following languages that you have more than 3 years experience working with: Ruby, Python, Perl, Javascript.

Score -2 if you do not routinely use a testing framework.

Score +1 if you use git extensively.

Score +2 for being very comfortable working in an *nix / linux environment.

Score +1 for each of the following database platforms that you have used in a live production environment: mySQL, Postgres, Redis.

Score +2 if you’ve used a distributed message queue (ZeroMQ, RabbitMQ, Beanstalk, Kafka)

Score +2 if you are familiar with RFC 2822.
Score -2 if you didn’t know what an RFC was.

Score +2 for any mail generating library you have worked extensively with.

Score +2 if you have Postfix or Qmail or Exim or Sendmail administration experience.
Score -2 if you want to continue working with them.

Score +2 if you have done significant work with a large-scale distributed systems.

Score +2 if you have created an API for a production environment.

Score +1 if you have used Chef or Puppet or other deployment automation tools.

Score – 5 if you’ve only used ftp to deploy applications.

Score +1 if you ride a bike.

Score +1 if you play an instrument.

Score +1 if you speak another language.

Score +2 if you are a dog or cat.

Let us know your score by sending an email to Tell us a bit about yourself, what you’ve worked on, what kinds of problems you like to solve. We’ll follow up and arrange a time to chat.

More about TWG

PostageApp is an API-based email delivery service that provides developers with tools to manage email templates and track engagement. PostageApp was founded by the team at The Working Group Inc., and is co-located at TWG’s Toronto HQ.

TWG is a web and mobile agency for designers, coders, thinkers and friends. Each day we pour all of our creative energy into what we love, and that makes getting out of bed in the morning the easiest decision we make all day.

We’ve got a great team, and environment down here on Adelaide St. and we get the opportunity to work with Startups, on our own software product – PostageApp, as well as recognized brands like Globe and Mail, CBC, Freshbooks. We even have bi-annual work retreats, monthly community events, tasty coffee and tea.

For some, working at TWG will be a career, for others, it will be a stepping stone on the way to even greater things. And we’re fine with that, because we know that everyone’s path is a little bit different. In fact TWG’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to be the best software company in the world to learn, work and grow at. We love our work, and that makes it fun to create incredible web and mobile experiences for our clients, partners and community.

You can read more about us on our website and here on our blog.

PostageApp Turns 2

August 16th, 2012 by Tom Walsham  |  1 Comment

Happy 2nd Bird-day

A year ago we ate cake.

1st Birthday Cake

It was PostageApp’s 1st birthday since we exited beta. We reminisced on the year that passed, and shared some of our upcoming new releases.

Since then we’ve taken off with a whirlwind year of feature enhancement, accelerated growth and amazing interaction with our customers.  Here’s a few of the things which kept us busy (and caused us to neglect this blog a bit):

Today we peck at our lunch at our desks… no cake. Our heads are down working on the product we love and care for – we don’t really know how else to celebrate? What we do know is that our goal has always been (and still is) to grow PostageApp into the premier email delivery and management service, and help provide insight into your business and user engagement along the way.

Anniversaries are a great time for reflection, and we realized we’ve slipped slightly in communicating with all of you (we’re email nerds not social media gurus, but we should be able to tweet!). We’re committing to improving that right away, starting with more frequent blog entries to keep you posted on updates, enhancements and tips.

There’s exciting things ahead for PostageApp in the coming year, and your feedback is critically important to keeping us on the flight path.  Here’s a few things zipping around the skunkworks right now that you can expect to hit production before the Pigeon puts on its birthday hat again:

  • Better insights into your deliverability and reputation
  • Proactive assistance for you to start campaigns on the right foot
  • Speeding up all the things : Dashboard, Delivery, Reporting…
  • Enhancements to the templating engine – loops, libraries and more
  • Some pretty significant API expansions for recipient-level management
  • Larger plans by popular demand!

So here’s to another year – we look forwarding to growing our capabilities and spreading our wings just as your companies are coming on in leaps and bounds.

PostageApp 2.0: Email management to email delivery

December 15th, 2011 by Jon Lim  |  1 Comment

We’ll send that for you…

After relaying millions of emails for our customers we are now taking the next step: PostageApp is now an end-to-end email delivery engine. View our new pricing & plans.

Our new battle tested sending engine (Pigeon Rocket) was built over the past year from the blood, sweat, and tears of our developers. We’ll now take care of your entire email chain from templating, to queuing, to sending and tracking – so you can focus on building an incredible app.

More delivery analytics…

With our new sending engine, we are also deploying new analytics for PostageApp. We’ve gotten very good at delivering your emails, and now we want to show you the tales that your emails can tell:

Send larger batches…

We wanted to give our customers a little extra love by increasing sending volumes for plans across the board. We are also introducing the Pterodactyl plan: 1,000,000 emails per month!

This is just the first step in the many to come, and we would love to have you signup for a free trial. We look forward to sending your emails.